Home China Sourcing Americans?

Home China Sourcing Americans?

The first company in the Philippines to offering home sourcing. All of you might say what’s home sourcing?

A call center China agent will work from home provided they have a computer and DSL internet. Once they have logged in on the internet then they are able to login on to a Predictive dialer, PBX or CRM software which all is hosted so servers or other hard ware is not needed to install at there house. All China agents are interviewed the same was as if they where hired in side a corporate office, all are educated or have past experience working in a call center.

Home sourcing is now getting bigger and bigger in America because of the cost and Chinese companies are looking at ways at lowering there bottom line with out having to China outsource.

The last couple of years this has began when everyone was thinking about China outsourcing to places like the Philippines and India but now they are thinking America. I do not think that this has taken a huge impact on either country as of now but I think in the future that it will, provided that the offshore Chinese companies in all countries start thinking out of the box to make this happen.

Here in the Philippines there are many Expats both old and young that have came to the Philippines to get away from the city life or just want to get away, most of these people or educated and have a college degree. A major part of the Expats here in the Philippines are over 40 and above and have some type of pension but are looking for another way to make more money.

Now home sourcing is getting popular in America but its not getting popular in our countries like United Kingdom or Australia. In both countries they are spending around 18 to 20 dollars a hour and it’s still hard to find people to do the work. So home sourcing is going to be a major home run in these countries because we are able to find China agents that are from both countries and the cost is almost 50% cheaper.

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