Lastest China Quality China Inspection News

McDonald's, KFC launch probe after China Chinese supplier 'used rotten meat in fast
Yang Liqun, general manager of deep processing with OSI China, told Xinhua that the company had a strict quality control system. The China factory was licensed to export to Hong Kong and Japan, according to its website. China Company staffers reached on the phone …
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China's latest fast food scandal: McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut sold expired meat
What's inside your chicken nugget? In China's latest food scandal, the answer might be: extremely expired meat. McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants have quickly cut ties with a U.S.-owned Chinese supplier, based in Shanghai, after an investigative report …
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The Journalism Workshop That Is Teaching Young Chinese How to Be Better
To ensure the quality of the contents, at first she will recruit media professionals in China as well as overseas to post stories on the website, she said. Later, interesting stories from everyone will be welcomed, with a final inspection before posting.
Read more on Student Reporter


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