China's Alibaba stalks banks with investment product

China's Alibaba stalks banks with investment product
Unlike wealth management products sold by banks, Yuebao has no minimum requirements on investment or time period. Its seven-day annualised yield peaked at 6.76 percent in January, more than double China's benchmark one-year deposit rate of 3 …
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China Unveils Measures to Regulate Banks' Wealth-Management Products
BEIJING—China's banking regulator imposed fresh requirements on banks to keep their wealth-management product business in check, in another step to tighten its grip on a once-loosely regulated part of the shadow-banking business. Banks must separate …
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Why China (and Its Brands) Fell For 'Transformers 4'
It's a product placement for China Construction Bank, one of many Chinese brands scattered throughout the film, and one way producers tailored the film for Chinese viewers. Other tactics: a long sequence set in Hong Kong, a Chinese star (Li Bingbing …


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